like ice statues perth on facebookAdd style with our beautiful Ice Statues. If you are looking for a creative table centre piece for a wedding or a big 21st birthday logo carved from ice, we can help. Ice Sculptures and Statues for special events, engagements and functions is what we do best. Email Us your details or call today.

“Thank you again Kyle for making our event such a success.”
– Crown Casino, Perth

ice-statue-swanTell us what you want and we can carve it for you. We are happy do an ice carving right in front of your guests if you prefer the hands-on feel. There’s a chainsaw involved – so watch out!

Our ice carvings and sculptures last for about 10 hours — enough time to create magic on your special day!
– Kyle, Ice2Art

Graceful Ice Statue of a Swan

We also offer swan sculptures which we can carve in another colour. Click here to read more about ice sculpture styles for your wedding.

We can engrave names and special dates on an ice swan sculpture or make extraice tables where you serve tasty appetizers to guests.

carved ice bar

Fresh Roses in Ice

This is actually one of our popular items. We can enclose fresh flowers in ice sculptures and create lovely centrepieces for your table.
roses inside ice carvingIf you want something striking, go for red roses or flowers that have special meaning for both of you. You may also choose what kind of flower to enclose. Our sculptures can be spherical or in a pyramid shape.

Real Objects Copied in Ice

Take a photo of your object and send it to us. We can have the object replicated in ice in time for your function or wedding.
angel icon turned to life-size ice carving sculpture
We can do dragons, surfboards or other funky objects of personal significance. We’re only limited by imagination.

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